IDT 830 – HPT Best Practices in the Workplace – Patagonia

This paper is an inquiry into the ways Patagonia exemplifies Human Performance Technology best practices in the workplace.
“We’re in business to save our home planet.” This is not the rallying cry of the Sierra Club, the Environmental Protection agency or some other large scale non-profit environmental non-governmental organization. It’s the mission statement for Ventura, California based Patagonia.

Reconciling Workflows with Human Performance Theory

This is a short piece written about when the managing of tasks gets us too far out of the doing of tasks. It’s something many are dealing with on a daily basis and industry has many, many, tools to address these issues but are they working to improve human performance? Are they working to improve the bottom line? Are they working to improve anything?

Leaders in HPT – IDT 830 Assignment

When tasked with this assignment I was tempted to simply go with Bloom, Gagne, Kirkpatrick, Mager or Skinner. Each of these people I am already quite familiar with but haven’t necessarily taken a deep dive into their work, most likely because I feel their work is brought up all of the time in the IDT realm. While I don’t mind Top 40 music, I’m normally more of an indie music kind of guy and I feel this assignment was an excellent opportunity for me to find some new artists that are worthy of a listen, rather than going back to the greatest hits.