Week 8 – IDT 875 Discussion

Mayer’s 12 Principles are some of the major cornerstones in multimedia based instruction. This week we’ve been tasked with going through the principles and thinking on how we can best actualize these principles in practice.

Week 7 – IDT 875 Discussion

This week’s readings are in a lot of ways a self-reflection on how we feel about asynchronous learning in comparison to what the research finds. What the research suggests is that the jury is still in many ways out on web-based interactions, and while there are a number of promising proposals and methodologies there is little in the form of consensus on the best methodology for creating learner interactions in web based environments.

Week 5 IDT 875 Discussion

I think the text does a good job at pointing out one of the most obvious and the one that came to mind immediately when reading through the chapter and that is the ability to evaluate in the actual online learning environment. Things like necessary software requirements, protective firewalls, hardware capabilities, and just simply user error are certainly things that can effect the evaluation of the module.

Week 4 IDT 875 Discussion

These are question and answer prompts from for work towards my PhD at Old Dominion University. The text is Web-Based Learning: Design, Implementation and Evaluation by Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers  (Author), Karen L. Rasmussen (Author),  Patrick R. Lowenthal  (Author) Question 1: Practice writing task analysis. Using a numbered list format to write a task analysis for one learning objective of […]

Week 3 IDT 875 Discussion

For me it’s about having it relate to their actual lives. For instance, in high school I struggled to find any reason to care about calculus, I went through AP Calculus and beyond simply because I knew I “should” know it, but without any context as to why it might be important I had no real reason to leverage that learned knowledge, and thus I stopped taking Calculus and the later as soon as I possibly could have…

Week 2 IDT 875 Discussion

This might be the toughest question I’ve received to date, because it’s essentially explain everything I’ve ever learned thus far and relate it to designing online instruction. Whelp here it goes. Learning theories are in many cases the bedrock of any instruction be it online or in person…