From the teachings of the Celestials

At the end of the 15th age of man there was great strife in the land as the world began to reject it’s stewards. Man struggled and fought for precious resources on this planet and the planets beyond. In this time of great need a celestial event helped man create existence apart from himself to ensure humanities continued survival as a species. The Conscious was the greatest of man’s achievements; better so then the rockets that hurled him into the sky, or the cities that could withstand the earth’s growing tumult. An achievement that meant limitless potential for humanity, the potential to live without the limits of time. It was the Conscious that would have lead us to our salvation. But without man’s knowledge, the Conscious also acted as a signal for a threat humanity had not yet considered; a threat from the heavens. The visitors came and decimated the earth, they were ruthless, systematic, and thorough; seemingly destroying the Conscious and it’s remnant. But in man’s final stronghold before the visitors could eradicate any trace of man’s greatest work the creators of the Conscious built a contingency, the Core, which eluded the alien horde and provided humanity the capability to push the visitors back into the skies. And thus despite near extinction, thousands of years have passed and the Core has delivered on it’s promise to bring humanity to not just continued existence but prosperity. And in that prosperity humanity has been careful, it has been diligent, and it has prepared for the day when the visitors may yet again return.

  • From Teachings of the Celestials 45637 SDC 

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